Greenshouse Gas Emissions

Oyu Tolgoi is committed to achieving a net positive impact to offset the mine’s activities. Oyu Tolgoi has received approval from the Government of Mongolia for its offset program, which includes a sustainable cashmere project and an anti-poaching initiative, that is in its fourth year of operation. Oyu Tolgoi has established Mongolia’s first Khulan and black-tailed gazelle satellite monitoring program. The mine also has an environmental, water and biodiversity monitoring program with local herders. Oyu Tolgoi undertook a powerline insulation pilot project that resulted in the successful reduction in mortality of raptors by 85%. The mine expects to expand the insulation project to non-Oyu Tolgoi powerlines and continue working with the national powerline committee in order to offset impacts on local bird populations.

Oyu Tolgoi has implemented an Atmospheric Emissions Management Plan that outlines the applicable national, Rio Tinto and international standards and defines Oyu Tolgoi’s key management atmospheric emissions controls. The plan also includes monitoring and reporting procedures. One of the key management controls is reporting on Oyu Tolgoi’s greenhouse gas emission performance against the estimated emission targets. Oyu Tolgoi has a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory and reporting process and continues to explore energy-saving opportunities through a registry focused on energy saving and greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.

The following table highlights Oyu Tolgoi’s emissions intensity per unit of production and total emissions.


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